5 septembre 2012

Russian mini tour

hi friends

Benoit is doing better... definitely ready for the Russian shows.

here are the dates... the last show still needs to be confirmed

30.10.12 - RUS, Saint-Petersburg
31.10.12 - RUS, Petrozavodsk
01.11.12 - RUS, Moscow
02.11.12 - RUS, Nizhny Novgorod
03.11.12 - RUS, tba

a couple more shows later to be announced.
come and say hi !

thanks !

2 commentaires:

comment grossir a dit…

good good Benoit ;-)

Mario a dit…

It's really cool you're playing Nizhny Novgorod. I've got some family there so I'll try to urge them to go see you perform. :)

All the best!