15 juillet 2014

shirts !

hey friends

for those who care we have shirts for sell  !
and you can order them HERE
(click on the picture to open a bigger one)
thanks !

3 juillet 2014



Suite à un dégât des eaux à la Mecanique Ondulatoire, le concert de demain 4 juillet est déplacé au Parvis de Bagnolet!

Merci de faire passer le message autour de vous!

27, rue Adelaïde Lahaye

Metro Gallieni

infos ici

(l'affiche n'est pas à jour)

20 juin 2014

Totem is out !

hey friends

look at that !

Totem, our new full length is out now ! We're uploading the whole thing on bandcamp right now, check it out !

it's our new full length and it's made of 9 new songs written between 2011 and 2013, mostly in our beloved practice place at Grrrn Zero in Lyon before it was shut down... Totem was a hard record to make.... 2 years of writing, arranging, droping, reworking material were finally worth it ! We took time to develop hypnotic athmospheres but didn't forget to go straight to the point with more melodic tracks as well .

It's been recorded and mixed in Villeurbanne at Mikrokosm Studio, close to the Totem subway station, by Benoit Bel in february 2014... then mastered by Harris Newman at Grey Market Mastering in Montreal Canada (Goodspeed You Black Emperor, A Silver Mount Zion etc.). 

Illustrations by the talented Claire Duport. Have a look at her awesome work here
Then Julien did the layout

Vinyl version come in a red / black and white artwork with printed innner sleeve (there are some colored vinyls and standard black vinyls). Includes a download code.
CDs come in a yellow / black and white artwork.

The CD is on Echo Canyon for Europe and Long Legs Long Arms for Japan
LP is on Purepainsugar / Adagio830 for Europe and Bakery Outlet for the USA...

A tape version should be released in Russia as well on Sad Records.

we will play a couple shows soon too
very excited


25 mai 2014


hey everyone

Totem test pressings are aproved !!
and preorders for the LPs are up... Go HERE if you want to preorder your copy !

There are some bundles with shirts as well.

LPs / CDs should be out near june 20th

stoooooked !


3 avril 2014

stream 2 new songs from Totem

hey friends

Totem is now mixed and mastered and the big image above is the cover ! yeah !! it will look AWESOME !

You can stream 2 songs now on our BBBAAANNNDDCCCAAAMMMPPP (does anybody know how to embed the bandcamp player in there ? ) !
We played one of those 2 a couple times live so maybe some of you will remember it.  We're really stoked of the songs we recorded, their recording etc... really excited to have this out !

It took us 2 years and a half to have its writing finished and during that time, we tried new things, discovered tons of amazing bands who gave us tons of new ideas... so don't expect anything !

Also our good buddy Arnaud Payen took some of his precious time to make that video of "Cours Tolstoï", look at it here, it's great :

Now that all of this is done, we will AT LEAST start to play shows again ! got a couple booked in France so far... hope more will come !

18.04.14 - F, Lyon @ Le Trokson w/ The Rainbones
19.04.14 - LUX, Luxembourg @ KuFa w/ Monochrome
03.07.14 - F, Lyon @ tba *
04.07.14 - F, Paris @ Mecanique Ondulatoire *
05.07.14 - F, Caen @ Strabisme fest *06.06.14 - F, Mâcon @ St Antoine
* w/ Eeva

more soon !

23 février 2014

Recording !

hey friends
Recording of Totem – our new full length – is done !
Recording took place at Mikroksom studio in Villeurbanne, engineered by Benoit Bel. The mixing and mastering should be done soon, artwork is also on the works.

It won't sound like THIS

This new LP will be released as usual by Purepainsugar & Adagio830 in Europe and Bakery Outlet in the US on LP. A japanese release on CD is also under consideration...Some picture below.

Some spring / summer shows are being booked as well.

more details soon !

26 novembre 2013



here's a short playlist of some amazing songs that have been mentioned as "influential" at some point in our practice room during the making of our new ones ... Enjoy !

28 août 2013


hey everyone

we're working on new songs to complete our 2nd full length. We have about 9 new ones on the work that we need to finish, put vocals on, replace chords, change drum breaks, adapt bass lines, finish lyrics and play well. We plan to record these in february 2014...
we love those new songs so far and we don't want to screw them up

One new song we used to play that we will record (don't know why the youtube video doesn't appear as usual)


so until then we will play no shows
no god
no master

talk soon !

24 mai 2013

Back from tour ! Grrrnd Zero RIP


the UK tour was great. Thanks so much to all the people who did shows for us, we really apreciated.
We had a lot of fun and played with great bands every night.
We played a couple shows with Carson Wells from Aberdeen in Scotland and also Plaids from Nottingham and you should check them out because they really rule. Not only they're great guys but they also play well inspired & passionated music...

One more Thank You to Joe for booking this awesome tour is not too much.

Some crappy pictures

We also have some leftover merch... some shirts left in L - XL in both colors... you can mailorder one if you want...

purchase the BLUE shirt (post paid)

purchase the BEIGE shirt (post paid)

We will play with Obits as well on june 14th in Metz for the 9th birthday of La Face Cachée which is one of the finest record stores in France. Really excited !
get infos about the show HERE

Then this will be our last show until this fall since we have tons of new songs on the works that we need to finish. We plan to record a new full length in the very beginning of november.

One last thought to the Grrrnd Zero who definitely shut its door forever. May you Rest In Peace !

For those who don't know, Grrrnd Zero was a building where DIY shows and tons of great other activities were done since 2007. It also had a silkscreen workshop, a recording studio as well as various other offices. That was a place you can dream of to developp any challenging alternative in any town. That's the place we practiced in (as well as all our other bands) and where we played our first show with Baton Rouge... and where we saw hundreds of great bands playing.
As you can imagine, we have this place in our hearts and feel honored to have been part of it.
That building will be missed but the crew will look for a new place for new adventures...

take care

Baton Rouge !

26 avril 2013

UK TOUR starts soon !


we're leaving on sunday. Really excited. Come and say hi
(Kolli in London and Grahem in Edinbugh, we'd be super stoked to see you guys there !!)

28.04.13 - F, Lille @ L'imposture w/ Bien A Toi
29.04.13 - UK, Brighton @ Prince Albert w/ Iron Chic, Beartrade & Breakers
30.04.13 - UK, Nottingham @ JT Soar w/ Plaids, Human Hands & Mars To Stay
01.05.13 - UK, Manchester @ Wahlbar w/ Claw The Thin Ice & Plough Lines
02.05.13 - UK, Edinburgh @ Himalya Shop w/ Carson Wells, Kaddish & Julliard
03.05.13 - UK, Leeds @ Fox and Newt w/ Carson Wells, Blood Sport & Pop Raft
04.05.13 - UK, London @ Buffalo bar w/ Plaids, Sky Lark, Carson Wells & Courtyard

we screened (well, actually Hugues did) some posters. They look great !