20 juin 2014

Totem is out !

hey friends

look at that !

Totem, our new full length is out now ! We're uploading the whole thing on bandcamp right now, check it out !

it's our new full length and it's made of 9 new songs written between 2011 and 2013, mostly in our beloved practice place at Grrrn Zero in Lyon before it was shut down... Totem was a hard record to make.... 2 years of writing, arranging, droping, reworking material were finally worth it ! We took time to develop hypnotic athmospheres but didn't forget to go straight to the point with more melodic tracks as well .

It's been recorded and mixed in Villeurbanne at Mikrokosm Studio, close to the Totem subway station, by Benoit Bel in february 2014... then mastered by Harris Newman at Grey Market Mastering in Montreal Canada (Goodspeed You Black Emperor, A Silver Mount Zion etc.). 

Illustrations by the talented Claire Duport. Have a look at her awesome work here
Then Julien did the layout

Vinyl version come in a red / black and white artwork with printed innner sleeve (there are some colored vinyls and standard black vinyls). Includes a download code.
CDs come in a yellow / black and white artwork.

The CD is on Echo Canyon for Europe and Long Legs Long Arms for Japan
LP is on Purepainsugar / Adagio830 for Europe and Bakery Outlet for the USA...

A tape version should be released in Russia as well on Sad Records.

we will play a couple shows soon too
very excited


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n0umena a dit…

Yes!! Merci!! I have been anticipating this so hotly, checking the bandcamp and blog every day this month. Can't wait to hear it!! I love you guys. Come play in Canada!