3 avril 2014

stream 2 new songs from Totem

hey friends

Totem is now mixed and mastered and the big image above is the cover ! yeah !! it will look AWESOME !

You can stream 2 songs now on our BBBAAANNNDDCCCAAAMMMPPP (does anybody know how to embed the bandcamp player in there ? ) !
We played one of those 2 a couple times live so maybe some of you will remember it.  We're really stoked of the songs we recorded, their recording etc... really excited to have this out !

It took us 2 years and a half to have its writing finished and during that time, we tried new things, discovered tons of amazing bands who gave us tons of new ideas... so don't expect anything !

Also our good buddy Arnaud Payen took some of his precious time to make that video of "Cours Tolstoï", look at it here, it's great :

Now that all of this is done, we will AT LEAST start to play shows again ! got a couple booked in France so far... hope more will come !

18.04.14 - F, Lyon @ Le Trokson w/ The Rainbones
19.04.14 - LUX, Luxembourg @ KuFa w/ Monochrome
03.07.14 - F, Lyon @ tba *
04.07.14 - F, Paris @ Mecanique Ondulatoire *
05.07.14 - F, Caen @ Strabisme fest *06.06.14 - F, Mâcon @ St Antoine
* w/ Eeva

more soon !

3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Vraiment cool toussa, hâte d’écouter l'album.

Guillaume a dit…

Moi moi moi, je sais comment "embed the bandcamp player" !

Suffit juste de copier le texte (que j'ai mis dans le doc à DL via le lien qui suit, sinon ça allait faire un truc tout bizarre dans le commentaire si je copiais le code ici) dans le code HTML de l'article correspondant :


Et voilà, un bandcamp player tout beau, avec même des couleurs raccord avec le blog ! :)

Unknown a dit…

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