8 avril 2013

Russian tour posters screened !


The last bunch of shows were great.

We had the chance to spend some time and play 2 shows with Bernays Propaganda which is not only an amazing and talented band but above all a nice and inspiring group of people. They're touring in Europe right now, make sure not to miss them.

Otherwise, our good and talented buddy Hugues screened some posters of the Russian tour...

It's a 3 colors screen print on a 250g beige paper, the dimension is 40cm x 60cm so they're pretty big. It's an edition of 40 posters who really look awesome. Look at some pictures (that picture looks a bit weird but don't worry they're flat and cut straight!) :

We sell them for 5€ + shipping costs depending on where you live. Shipping posters is a bit expensive since have to roll them in tubes and we can't send them as "letter", sorry about that.

If you want to get one, get them here (poster + shipping costs are included) :

Otherwise, the UK tour is getting close... 
The tour poster is just finished by the way. 

In these trouble economic times, it's definitely more than never time to make Robin Hood tales come true haha.

We will screen some of them as well, and will bring some on tour.

more soon !

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