18 novembre 2012

back from tour + next shows !

hey !
Russia was GREAT ! That was an amazing tour, far from the tours we've all been doing. Travelling in night train was a new experience for us. Seeing all these snow landscapes by the window of a train, going so slow for hours... stops in the middle of nowhere with a couple of wooden houses... kids playing and everybody asleep in the train... old people having their lunch in the bunk beds or entering in Moscow and driving for hours by train in these huge suburbs. We didn't have that much time to hang out but we still saw more than we expected... especially in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod. Ah, if the Moscow's Kremlin's walls could talk...

Thanks a lot to all the people who set up shows for us, that was perfect. High fives to Materic and The Peace is There... both great bands and great people... as well as the amazing Totorro and Stephan's band Eeva (our nice host in Moscow... we unfortunately couldn't play together but their 7" is an oldschool emocore killer that you can check HERE)... And of course Dima who booked these shows for us and had this tour super well organized every day and last but not least our spiritual guide, best friend at night, nurse when too much vodka had been drunk, friendly confident who lead us on time in train stations or moscow subway, answering all our stupid questions all day long : Anton ! Thanks so much !

a couple pictures below

after show under the snow in St Petersburg

night train (a fancy one)

going out of the train with Materic in Petrozavodsk

By the window of the train

Kremlin & Lenin's mausoleum

St Basil's chrurch is actually smaller than expected

Anton in Nizhny Novgorod

having Vodka with Downfall Of Gaia during a night ride in a van

Moscow's math university building. it's so huge that you feel like a little human piece of shit

we have some upcoming shows in december with Gwen's new band Torino. It's gonna be fun :
14.12.12 - F, Toulouse @ La Dernière Chance w/ Torino
15.12.12 - F, Tarbes @ Celtic Pub w/ Torino
16.12.12 - F, Clermont-Ferrand @ Raymond Bar w/ Torino

Torino is made of Gwen playing bass and singing, Felix (Take Warning, Ken Park) who plays drums and Rog (Who Needs Maps, HK, Pavlov) playing guitar and singing sometimes too. They will record a 12" in january to be out on Purepainsugar and Echo Canyon.

We also might be playing some shows in the US next spring as well... this will be a short one week tour probably. Nothing's done and organized so far but these are the plans.

And we're finally writing new songs for a full length to be recorded when we will have enough good songs...  

alright !
see you soon !

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ça donne envie de visiter, merci les gars

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When in Rennes?