22 mars 2012



we've been asked to contribute to the Warmer Climes blog a couple months ago, posting an individual playlist for each of us... Ours is not online yet, but here we go anwyay

/// Gwen GROSCLAUDE ///
one of the best song ever, perfect melody, perfect emotion. The best thing to listen with a coffee in the morning.

HOT SNAKES - creative control
Rick Froberg is a very good illustrator with funny sailor who is playing soccer, but he is also amazing with a guitar. This song remains me a lot of travel with my car discovering eastern europe with my girlfriend.

AGAINST ME - pint of guiness
I've never been really involved into against me, but this song in florida with a beautifull sunshine across the everglades was a kind of perfect moment. The right song in the right place!!!!

TUBERS - pale sunbather
super bass part, super singer melody, super drums, super guitar part, super backing vocals. It remains me every day, every night, every place, nothing to add.

LED ZEPPELIN - when the levee breaks
This song is an original soundtrack of my teenage, exactly when i understood that there was something better than gun's and roses and skid row.

PROGRAMME - l'enfer tiède
i spent a lot of evenings with that song and my friend momosan. The singer get a very sunny french south west accent, big contrast with this so cold and depressive lyrics.

LISABO - nekearen teoria
This song is the meeting point with my buddies julien, benoit, samuel and aurelien, so the beginnig of a wonderfull story.

THE CURE - 100 years
Sometime, everything is allright in your life but you also need to drown yourself in a fucking deep melancholy.... my best dark moment!!!!!

DINOSAUR JR - Freak scene
My friend Julie is absolutely fan of this song. Maybe it's contagious.... It remains me a lot of sunny and funny barbecue in Limonest.

GILLIAN WELSCH - i'll fly away
This song is my romantic soundtrack, the last song we play with my sweet honey before going to sleep, the eyes into the eyes in singing like stupid lovers.. so cute!!!!!

/// Samuel MONCHARMONT ///
OBITS- Put in writing
It's probably one of the song I most listened to this year. Since I bought this 7" I listened to it all the time. It gives me a real smile. Everything is great in this song ! a real hit !

NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS - Angels of destruction
A perfect punk rock song. Perfects melodies, vocals, guitars, sound,... They have something more than a lot of punk-rock bands for me. A kind of cold sound, and a singer with a fucking good voice. When I listened to this song, melodies stays in my head for a long time, so I listened to it more and more !!!

CHARLEMAGNE PALESTINE - One + Two + Three Fifths in the Rhythms Three Against Two for Bosendorfer Piano (Part 1)

I know Charlemagne Palestine since a long time, but I start to really listened to it recently. I love love it. It 's so minimal and repetitive, it's totaly hypnotic. I like this track particulary, because it sound like some Steve Reich stuff, but whith more lightness. A great influence for me in many of my musical projects.

JOHNY CASH - Walked the line
I saw the movie recently. And this song stays in my head for a week-after. So I re-start to listen to him a lot... and you know what ? it's still good !

COIL - Tainted Love
I don't like everything they did, but this cover si just incredible ! I used to listened to it very often the last two month. It's so SLOW, and desperate... and cold... brrr. It comes from a world just behind the one whe know !! I'm not such a big fan of cover songs, but this one is the best I ever heard I think.

LUNGFISH - Way out is the way
I never stop to listened to this band since I saw them in 2005 at Sant Feliu Festival. So good. This album "Feral Hyms" in particular is awesome ! Music is so hypnotic ! So minimal, but everything is here. And the voice of Daniel Higgs is just incredible. It's hard to find the best song of this album, but I particulary like the guitars in this one.

MUDHONEY - This is us
Like a lot of people, I listened to their album Superfuzz Bigmuff so much time since I was a teenager. I know perfectly all the songs of this album. But I start this year to really listened to their other productions. And there's some fucking good stuff ! This song in particular is a real hit ! All this album, "Under a Billion Sun" is just excellent. Heavy guitars, dirty sound... with just more maturity.

THE BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE - You look great when I'm fucked up.
When you mix The Rolling Stones, The Velvet Underground, Sergio Leone and you give them some drugs, it could sound like this !! It's a very nice song. I start to listen to this band recently after hearing this song in friend's place.

ERIC SATIE - Gnossienne N°1
I choose it because it's the first one, and probably the more known. But All the Gnossienne are incredible. In term of composition... it's beautiful. I really like to listened to it, when I need to be quiet. It's so calm, and there's so much serenity that comes from this music. I could listened to that all the day I think. It makes me in a real good and calm mood.

I really love this song. It's so calm... there's some long part of full silence, and it creates something very special. It's really intimist. And the voice of Blixa Bargeld in this song si so nice.

/// Benoit DESVIGNES ///

I've never heard groove like that, I've built my ears with this band, i have learnt my instrument and it's exactly what i needed in the way of thinking and playing when i was an adolescent. This song remind me when i stayed several hours to look my first drumkit in love like a child.
Evil Empire is still one of my favorite release now. The sound is still amazing there is something between MC 5 an Immortal technic. i'm an addict still now

I listen a lot of Piano and since Simon, a friend of mine, gave me this release of 1980 one month ago, i'm just crazy. This song have an amazing ambiance, it remind me an afternoon in friend room to speak about a lot of things, an listening music on the bed, simple but ...

ANEKDOTEN - Ricochet
just pefect serene pop song. Every morning of one week, i start the day with this song, just cool !

WOVEN HAND - the Beautiful Axe of
i'm sorry but, since i dicovered this band few month ago, every day i listen fenstone, for me it' s the best release of wovenhand especially with this song. I think Wild Bill an Calamity Jane could talk and drinking Bourbon all the night with this kind of music!

TRUE WIDOW - Doomser
just perfect groove with slow tempo wich drag one's feet like an hurt old dog. There is a special grunge feeling with just a little bit dirt sound , it's deep and simple, i love!

MASTODON - Octopus has No Friends
it's just because there are a lot of crazy fucking and not cleaver drums break, pefect! it's my drummer frustration who speak in this case!

TOM WAITS - Downtown train
i rediscover this release of 1985, it is just deep, simple, i love the way of of thinking the sing of this man especially in this case, his voice touch me, but it's never to much, the writing of this song is perfect

LUNGFISH - This world
Like smoking a small cigar with julien and the Unsane singer behind the scene when lungfish played this song in the St Feliu Fest 2007, just a perfect feeling of happyness!
This feeling still follow me because we try to write a new song like that actually, and i listen again for inspire me,awesome song.

THE WHO - Won't get fooled again
It's the song i put in my ears everytime when i take my car actually, there is just very wild thing inside, all musicians are on the same plan, and in the same time they are totally free and not really together, because you have this feeling that, this plan is not enough big, wild and free for them, there is natural agressiveness that i love in this band.....

/// Julien PAGET ///
I got into the Velvet Underground for real very recently with White Light White Heat. They're the most radical on this album and that song is my favourite. I really understood the roots of NYC alternative music with them (who later brought No Wave, Sonic youth etc.) and especially with that record...

SONIC YOUTH schizophrenia
we're working on a bunch of new songs with Baton Rouge and I listen to Sister and Evol a lot to get inspiration. I'm a big Sonic Youth and Sister is my favourite Sonic Youth album. that drum intro and the guitar entering reminds me when I was a teenager, in my room, discovering alternative music. There is so much serenity in that song... They play that song on the Year That Punk Broke video... watching Lee Ranaldo and Thurston Moore play with those strange Fender guitars turned me into Jaguar and Jazzmaster guitars as well which I'm fond of... A lot of memories with that song...

FLIPPER life is cheap
Like The Wipers, I know that band since I'm 14 thanks to Kurt Cobain... But it took me a lot of years to get into them but I found the song that made me understand them. I can't imagine people who saw them in 1983 or 1984. It must have been a crazy experience... they're so heavy and filthy on that song. So desperate and creepy as well... I could have put Sacrifice for the same reason... Heavy bass riffs, weird drums, crazy singer and raw guitar riffs.

MARKED MEN a little time
the perfect pop punk song. It reminds me the last 12XU tour since we listened to it in the van so much... reminds me the first time I've been to the Fest in Gainesville with my girlfriend where they played. I actually listen to that record very often. Vocals melodies, guitar parts are great. I love every single song from the Marked Men... the drummer is so tight on the hihat, it blows my mind... thanks flo for having turned everybody in Lyon to the Marked Men 6 years ago !

those lyrics are simply perfect. a love song sang with simple words, no pathetic mataphores or ambarassing romance. That guitar riff is awesome as well... I try to write a song like that... Less is more with ECSR. They bring punk to a very interesting level in my opinion...

TEENAGE COOL KIDS landlocked state
their last album blows my mind. It's soooo good. They can put Sonic Youth, 60s pop, punk rock and lofi pop influences in one album and sound still unique. They're a ver talented band. That song is the third one... I play that song to my 3 month old kid and we dance together on it.

Daniel Higgs thrills me wether he plays in Lungfish or solo. That guy is fascinating. We once went to see him play solo with my girlfriend and she was so impressed that she made nightmares with him in them... So I'm not allowed to listen to him at home with her haha. His unique voice added to the great music of Skull Defekts make that hypnotic opening song simply amazing. It sounds like a mix of Sonic Youth and Lungfish which sound like a dream mix to me.

Alexander Lee Spence is the kind of guy you wish you had met before he died to listen to him telling stories of his life. That solo album Oar he did in 1969 after his departure of Moby Grape (and his release from a psychiatric hospital!) is dark, obscure and way underrated. But it's a monument of psyche folk music. A bit like Neil Young "Tonight's the Night"... or some Leonard Cohen songs... You can hear the drugs and the mental illness in his songs. I bought an original copy as a present for the friend who recommended him to me... He's the one who turned me into Neil Young, Wire etc. Diana represents well the album, but I could have picked the first one called Little Hands.

GRAVEYARD No Good Mr Holden
I finally managed to get a copy of their amazing Hisingen Blues LP. They have everything you can expect for a 70s hard rock band. Attitude, sound and great rock and roll song... and above all amazing heavy guitar riffs. Except they're More Led Zeppelinesque than Black Sabbath though, but I can't get tired of this album and that song is great.

that's great LAMF got remixed because the guitar sound remixed is just one of the best I ever heard. I love all the album but that song is my favourite, the way Johnny Thunders plays guitar is great. I use to crank up that song as loud as possible the friday at work when it's the end of the week... That's crazy to notice how the Sex Pistols are a Heartbreakers ripoff actually... I'm a big fan of the early CBGB scene... Television, The Ramones, The Dictators, Neon Boys, Richard Hell and the Voidoids...

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