28 février 2012



the small tour was great.
Thanks so much to all the good people who let us play and came to the shows, we really had fun. We also played with really good bands which always make a tour nicer.

Altought we're back with some sad news since our van got robbed in Prague and some of our gear got stolen. Both guitar heads, the bass and the bag of tshirts have been stolen (and an Ipod too)...
Sad news indeed since the bass and the guitar amp were with us on most tours / recording session with Daitro / 12XU and of course Baton Rouge.

Tchek police told us it was kinda unusual gear in Czech Republic so there is a little chance to find them but we definitely need help from you living in Czech Republic. So, if you live in Prague or Czech Republic and see some of our gear for sale somewhere in a shop, on Ebay or on any website, please get in touch batonrougeband[at]gmail.com.
Most of you might know what or imagine what this equipment represents for us...

here are what they look like (though, these are not pics of our own amps)

MARSHALL JMP MKII - 100W from 1980 serial #02664M

Julien's amp was missing most of the knobs (ie the little buttons), and some of the ones left were missing the golden part. Knobs have little arrows...

MARSHALL JCM800 reissue - 100W

Sam's amp was bought new but it has some sticky liquid which driped over it... it might be recognizable with this detail. We're missing the serial number for this one. It has a Daitro sticker on the right, near the jack inputs.

FENDER JAZZ BASS serial #MZ3162388
Here's a picture of Gwen playing his now missing Jazz Bass

this black mexican Jazz Bass has multiple scratches on the back and on the bottom since it travelled and been played a lot. The pickguard was originally white but it has been covered with black gaffer tape years ago.

any help would be appreciated to have this equipment back. Those are more than just random equipment to us. beside being good amps and bass, it was with us on most tours and recording sessions these last 8 years... If any of you there find a bag of Baton Rouge Tshirts as well... there was about 60 in it.

hope this will work
don't hesitate to forward these infos on message boards etc.

thanks in advance
baton rouge

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