14 décembre 2011

ANCRE / 12XU / LA 6E FAUTE releases !

hey !

we're back to the practice room, writing new songs...
we've been busy these last past months with our other bands and records are all out ! Check this out :

Sam played with La 6e Faute on a collaborative LP with Motherfucking and 2:13. It's a live recording from an improvised session in Metz in june 2011

you can hear a track here

Benoit also plays drums in Ancre, they recorded their first LP called Nacre which is out now as well. 4 tracks of progressive, instrumental post math rock in the vein of Sed Non Satiata or Maserati

you can hear a track here

Gwen and Julien play in 12XU and they released their first full length called Les Grandes Marées. Think about Hot Snakes, Marked Men a little bit... stuff like that.

You can stream the record here

all these records can be of course all ordered on the Echo Canyon Records mailorder here

thanks !!
baton rouge

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